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May 1941.

Since May 1941 passed approximately Nine Hundred and Fifty months (950.5). This May started with Thursday (18. week) and ended with Saturday (22. week). This May had 31 days and 4 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for May 1941.

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Events occurred in May 1941

We found 74 events occured in May month in 1941.
1941. May 1 (Category: Births), Asil Nadir, Turkish-Cypriot businessman
1941. May 1 (Category: Events), World War II: German forces launch a major attack on Tobruk.
1941. May 2 (Category: Births), Clay Carroll, American baseball player
1941. May 2 (Category: Births), Connie Crothers, American jazz pianist
1941. May 2 (Category: Births), Tony Adamowicz, American race car driver
1941. May 2 (Category: Events), Following the coup d'état against Iraq Crown Prince 'Abd al-Ilah earlier that year, the United Kingdom launches the Anglo-Iraqi War to restore him to power.
1941. May 3 (Category: Births), Edward Malloy, American educator, 16th president of the University of Notre Dame
1941. May 4 (Category: Births), George Will, American writer
1941. May 5 (Category: Births), Alexander Ragulin, Russian ice hockey player (d. 2004)
1941. May 5 (Category: Deaths), Natalie of Serbia (b. 1859)
1941. May 5 (Category: Events), Emperor Haile Selassie returns to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; the country commemorates the date as Liberation Day or Patriots' Victory Day.
1941. May 6 (Category: Events), At California's March Field, Bob Hope performs his first USO show.
1941. May 6 (Category: Events), The first flight of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.
1941. May 7 (Category: Births), Catherine P. Saxton, English-American public relations executive
1941. May 7 (Category: Deaths), Sir James George Frazer, Scottish anthropologist (b. 1854)
1941. May 8 (Category: Births), Bill Lockyer, American politician
1941. May 8 (Category: Births), John Fred, American singer-songwriter and musician (d. 2005)
1941. May 8 (Category: Births), Mahmoud Ahmed, Ethiopian singer
1941. May 8 (Category: Deaths), Tore Svennberg, Swedish actor, theatre director (b. 1858)
1941. May 8 (Category: Events), The German Luftwaffe launch a bombing raid on Nottingham and Derby
1941. May 9 (Category: Births), Pete Birrell, English bass guitarist (Freddie and the Dreamers)
1941. May 9 (Category: Events), World War II: The German submarine U-110 is captured by the Royal Navy. On board is the latest Enigma cryptography machine which Allied cryptographers later use to break coded German messages.
1941. May 10 (Category: Births), Danny Rapp, American singer and musician (Danny & the Juniors) (d. 1983)
1941. May 10 (Category: Events), World War II: Rudolf Hess parachutes into Scotland to try to negotiate a peace deal between the United Kingdom and Nazi Germany.
1941. May 10 (Category: Events), World War II: The House of Commons in London is damaged by the Luftwaffe in an air raid.
1941. May 11 (Category: Births), Eric Burdon, English singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and painter (The Animals and War)
1941. May 11 (Category: Births), Graham Miles, English snooker player
1941. May 12 (Category: Events), Konrad Zuse presents the Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automatic computer, in Berlin.
1941. May 13 (Category: Births), Jody Conradt, American basketball coach
1941. May 13 (Category: Births), Joe Brown, English singer and musician
1941. May 13 (Category: Births), Ritchie Valens, Mexican-American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1959)
1941. May 13 (Category: Births), Senta Berger, Austrian actress
1941. May 13 (Category: Deaths), Frederick Christian, English cricket player (b. 1877)
1941. May 13 (Category: Deaths), Ōnishiki Uichirō, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 26th Yokozuna (b. 1891)
1941. May 13 (Category: Events), World War II: Yugoslav royal colonel Dragoljub Mihailović starts fighting with German occupation troops, beginning the Serbian resistance.
1941. May 16 (Category: Births), Denis Hart, Australian archbishop
1941. May 17 (Category: Births), Ben Nelson, American politician, 40th Governor of Nebraska & Senator
1941. May 17 (Category: Births), David Cope, American composer and author
1941. May 17 (Category: Births), Grace Zabriskie, American actress
1941. May 18 (Category: Births), Gino Brito, Canadian wrestler
1941. May 18 (Category: Births), Lobby Loyde, Australian guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, Purple Hearts, Wild Cherries, and Rose Tattoo) (d. 2007)
1941. May 18 (Category: Births), Miriam Margolyes, English actress
1941. May 18 (Category: Deaths), Werner Sombart, German economist and sociologist (b. 1863)
1941. May 19 (Category: Births), Bobby Burgess, American dancer and singer
1941. May 19 (Category: Births), Nora Ephron, American screenwriter (d. 2012)
1941. May 19 (Category: Births), Tania Mallet, English model and actress
1941. May 20 (Category: Births), Goh Chok Tong, Singaporean politician, Senior Minister
1941. May 20 (Category: Births), John Strasberg, American actor
1941. May 20 (Category: Births), Manuel Isaias Lopez, Mexican psychiatrist
1941. May 20 (Category: Events), World War II: Battle of Crete – German paratroops invade Crete.
1941. May 21 (Category: Births), Bobby Cox, American baseball player and manager
1941. May 21 (Category: Births), Martin Carthy, English singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor (Steeleye Span, The Watersons, Waterson:Carthy, Brass Monkey, and Blue Murder)
1941. May 21 (Category: Births), Ronald Isley, American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor (The Isley Brothers)
1941. May 22 (Category: Births), Martha Langbein, German athlete
1941. May 22 (Category: Births), Sir Menzies Campbell, English politician
1941. May 24 (Category: Births), Bob Dylan, American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer (Traveling Wilburys)
1941. May 24 (Category: Births), George Lakoff, American linguist and activist
1941. May 24 (Category: Deaths), Lancelot Holland, English admiral (b. 1887)
1941. May 24 (Category: Events), World War II: In the Battle of the Atlantic, the German Battleship Bismarck sinks the then pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, killing all but three crewmen.
1941. May 25 (Category: Births), Vladimir Voronin, Moldovan politician, 3rd President of Moldova
1941. May 26 (Category: Births), Aldrich Ames, American CIA officer and analyst
1941. May 26 (Category: Births), Cliff Drysdale, South African tennis player
1941. May 26 (Category: Births), Reg Bundy, English drag queen performer, dancer, and actor (d. 2003)
1941. May 27 (Category: Deaths), Ernst Lindemann, German captain, victim of the German battleship Bismarck sinking (b. 1894)
1941. May 27 (Category: Deaths), Günther Lütjens, German admiral, victim of the German battleship Bismarck sinking (b. 1889)
1941. May 27 (Category: Events), World War II: The German battleship Bismarck is sunk in the North Atlantic killing almost 2,100 men.
1941. May 27 (Category: Events), World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaims an "unlimited national emergency".
1941. May 28 (Category: Births), Beth Howland, American actress
1941. May 29 (Category: Births), Doug Scott, English mountaineer
1941. May 30 (Category: Deaths), Prajadhipok, King of Thailand (b. 1893)
1941. May 30 (Category: Events), World War II: Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas climb on the Athenian Acropolis, tear down the Nazi swastika.
1941. May 31 (Category: Births), Louis J. Ignarro, American pharmacologist, Nobel Prize laureate
1941. May 31 (Category: Events), A Luftwaffe air raid in Dublin, Ireland, claims 38 lives.
1941. May 31 (Category: Events), Anglo-Iraqi War: The United Kingdom completes the re-occupation of Iraq and returns 'Abd al-Ilah to power as regent for Faisal II.

Calendar May 1941.

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