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September 1943.

Since September 1943 passed approximately Nine Hundred and Thirty-Nine months (939.2). This September started with Wednesday (35. week) and ended with Thursday (39. week). This September had 30 days and 4 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for September 1943.

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Events occurred in September 1943

We found 75 events occured in September month in 1943.
1943. September 1 (Category: Births), Don Stroud, American actor
1943. September 1 (Category: Deaths), Charles Atangana, Cameroonian chief (b. 1880)
1943. September 2 (Category: Births), Glen Sather, Canadian ice hockey player and executive
1943. September 2 (Category: Births), Joe Simon, American singer-songwriter and producer
1943. September 2 (Category: Births), Rosalind Ashford, American singer (Martha and the Vandellas)
1943. September 3 (Category: Births), Frank Lister, English footballer
1943. September 3 (Category: Births), Valerie Perrine, American actress
1943. September 3 (Category: Events), World War II: The Allied invasion of Italy begins on the same day that U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice aboard the Royal Navy battleship HMS Nelson off Malta.
1943. September 5 (Category: Births), Dulce Saguisag, Filipino politician (d. 2007)
1943. September 5 (Category: Events), World War II: The 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment lands and occupies Nazdab, near Lae in the Salamaua-Lae campaign.
1943. September 6 (Category: Births), Richard J. Roberts, English biochemist and biologist, Nobel Prize laureate
1943. September 6 (Category: Births), Roger Waters, English singer-songwriter, bass player, and composer (Pink Floyd and The Bleeding Heart Band)
1943. September 6 (Category: Events), The Monterrey Institute of Technology, one of the largest and most influential private universities in Latin America, is founded in Monterrey, Mexico.
1943. September 6 (Category: Events), The Pennsylvania Railroad's premier train derails at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, killing 79 people and injuring 117 others.
1943. September 7 (Category: Births), Beverley McLachlin, Canadian jurist, 17th Chief Justice of Canada
1943. September 7 (Category: Births), Lena Valaitis, Lithuanian-German singer
1943. September 7 (Category: Events), A fire at the Gulf Hotel in Houston, Texas, kills 55 people.
1943. September 7 (Category: Events), World War II: The German 17th Army begins its evacuation of the Kuban River bridgehead (Taman Peninsula) in southern Russia and moves across the Strait of Kerch to the Crimea.
1943. September 8 (Category: Births), Adelaide C. Eckardt, American politician
1943. September 8 (Category: Deaths), Julius Fučík, Czech journalist (b. 1903)
1943. September 8 (Category: Events), World War II: The O.B.S. (German General Headquarters for the Mediterranean zone) in Frascati is bombed by USAAF.
1943. September 8 (Category: Events), World War II: United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower publicly announces the Allied armistice with Italy.
1943. September 9 (Category: Births), Art LaFleur, American actor
1943. September 9 (Category: Deaths), Carlo Bergamini, Italian admiral (b. 1888)
1943. September 9 (Category: Deaths), Charles McLean Andrews, American historian (b. 1863)
1943. September 9 (Category: Events), World War II: The Allies land at Salerno and Taranto, Italy.
1943. September 10 (Category: Births), Daniel Truhitte, American actor
1943. September 10 (Category: Births), Eldridge Coleman, American wrestler
1943. September 10 (Category: Births), Neale Donald Walsch, American author
1943. September 10 (Category: Events), World War II: German forces begin their occupation of Rome.
1943. September 12 (Category: Births), Maria Muldaur, American singer
1943. September 12 (Category: Births), Michael Ondaatje, Sri Lankan-Canadian author
1943. September 12 (Category: Events), World War II: Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy, is rescued from house arrest on the Gran Sasso in Abruzzi, by German commando forces led by Otto Skorzeny.
1943. September 13 (Category: Events), The Municipal Theatre of Corfu is destroyed during an aerial bombardment by Luftwaffe.
1943. September 14 (Category: Births), Irwin Goodman, Finnish singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1991)
1943. September 16 (Category: Births), James Alan McPherson, American author
1943. September 16 (Category: Births), Wang Houjun, Chinese footballer and coach (d. 2012)
1943. September 16 (Category: Events), World War II: The Allied invasion of Italy concludes when Heinrich von Vietinghoff, commander of the German Tenth Army, orders his troops to withdraw from Salerno.
1943. September 17 (Category: Events), World War II: The Russian city of Bryansk is liberated from Germans.
1943. September 18 (Category: Events), World War II: Adolf Hitler orders the deportation of Danish Jews.
1943. September 18 (Category: Events), World War II: The Jews of Minsk are massacred at Sobibór.
1943. September 19 (Category: Births), André Boudrias, Canadian ice hockey player
1943. September 19 (Category: Births), Joe Morgan, American baseball player
1943. September 22 (Category: Births), Barry Cable, Australian footballer and coach
1943. September 22 (Category: Births), Paul Hoffert, American musician, composer, and author (Lighthouse)
1943. September 22 (Category: Births), Toni Basil, American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and director
1943. September 23 (Category: Births), Julio Iglesias, Spanish singer-songwriter
1943. September 23 (Category: Births), Marty Schottenheimer, American football player and coach
1943. September 23 (Category: Births), Steve Boone, American bass player and producer (The Lovin' Spoonful)
1943. September 23 (Category: Births), Tanuja, Indian actress
1943. September 23 (Category: Deaths), Elinor Glyn, English author (b. 1864)
1943. September 23 (Category: Deaths), Salvo D'Acquisto, Italian military officer (b. 1920)
1943. September 23 (Category: Events), World War II: The Nazi puppet state the Italian Social Republic is founded.
1943. September 25 (Category: Births), Aram Saroyan, American poet
1943. September 25 (Category: Births), John Locke, American keyboard player (Spirit and Nazareth) (d. 2006)
1943. September 25 (Category: Births), Josh Taylor, American actor
1943. September 25 (Category: Births), Robert Gates, American civil servant and academic, 22nd United States Secretary of Defense
1943. September 25 (Category: Births), Robert Walden, American actor
1943. September 25 (Category: Deaths), Alexander Hall, Canadian soccer player (b. 1880)
1943. September 26 (Category: Births), Ian Chappell, Australian cricketer
1943. September 26 (Category: Births), Tim Schenken, Australian race car driver
1943. September 27 (Category: Births), Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta
1943. September 27 (Category: Births), Randy Bachman, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Guess Who, Ironhorse, Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Bachman & Turner, and Brave Belt)
1943. September 28 (Category: Births), J. T. Walsh, American actor (d. 1998)
1943. September 28 (Category: Births), Nick St. Nicholas, German-Canadian bass player (Steppenwolf, The Mynah Birds, The Sparrows, Blue Cheer, and World Classic Rockers)
1943. September 28 (Category: Births), Warren Lieberfarb, American businessman
1943. September 28 (Category: Births), Win Percy, English racing driver and three-times British Touring Car Champion (1980; 1981 & 1982)
1943. September 28 (Category: Deaths), Sam Ruben, American chemist (b. 1913)
1943. September 29 (Category: Births), Gary Boyd Roberts, American genealogist
1943. September 29 (Category: Births), Lech Wałęsa, Polish politician, 2nd President of Poland, Nobel Prize laureate
1943. September 29 (Category: Births), Mohammad Khatami, Iranian politician, 5th President of Iran
1943. September 30 (Category: Births), Ian Ogilvy, English Actor
1943. September 30 (Category: Births), Johann Deisenhofer, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
1943. September 30 (Category: Births), Marilyn McCoo, American singer and actress (The 5th Dimension)
1943. September 30 (Category: Deaths), Franz Oppenheimer, German sociologist (b. 1864)

Calendar September 1943.

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