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November 1950.

Since November 1950 passed approximately Eight Hundred and Twenty months (819.6). This November started with Wednesday (44. week) and ended with Thursday (48. week). This November had 30 days and 4 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for November 1950.

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Events occurred in November 1950

We found 69 events occured in November month in 1950.
1950. November 1 (Category: Births), Dan Peek, American guitarist (America) (d. 2011)
1950. November 1 (Category: Births), Mitch Kapor, American computer programmer and businessman, founded Lotus Software and Electronic Frontier Foundation
1950. November 1 (Category: Births), Robert B. Laughlin, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1950. November 1 (Category: Events), Pope Pius XII claims papal infallibility when he formally defines the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.
1950. November 1 (Category: Events), Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempt to assassinate US President Harry S. Truman at Blair House.
1950. November 2 (Category: Births), Alex Fagan, American police officer (d. 2010)
1950. November 2 (Category: Births), Erika Mann, German politician
1950. November 2 (Category: Deaths), George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1856)
1950. November 3 (Category: Births), Joe Queenan, American author and critic
1950. November 3 (Category: Births), Massimo Mongai, Italian author
1950. November 4 (Category: Births), Charles Frazier, American author
1950. November 4 (Category: Births), Markie Post, American actress
1950. November 4 (Category: Deaths), Grover Cleveland Alexander, American baseball player (b. 1887)
1950. November 5 (Category: Births), James Kennedy, American psychologist
1950. November 5 (Category: Births), Thorbjørn Jagland, Norwegian politician, Prime Minister of Norway
1950. November 5 (Category: Events), Korean War: British and Australian forces from the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade successfully halted the advancing Chinese 117th Division during the Battle of Pakchon.
1950. November 6 (Category: Births), Amir Aczel, Israeli historian
1950. November 6 (Category: Births), Chris Glen, Scottish bass player (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Michael Schenker Group)
1950. November 7 (Category: Births), Lindsay Duncan, Scottish actress
1950. November 8 (Category: Births), Mary Hart, American journalist and actress
1950. November 8 (Category: Events), Korean War: United States Air Force Lt. Russell J. Brown, while piloting an F-80 Shooting Star, shoots down two North Korean MiG-15s in the first jet aircraft-to-jet aircraft dogfight in history.
1950. November 10 (Category: Births), Bob Orton, Jr., American wrestler
1950. November 10 (Category: Births), Debra Hill, American screenwriter and producer (d. 2005)
1950. November 10 (Category: Births), Jack Scalia, American actor
1950. November 11 (Category: Births), Jim Peterik, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Survivor, Pride of Lions, and The Ides of March)
1950. November 11 (Category: Births), Mircea Dinescu, Romanian poet
1950. November 11 (Category: Deaths), Alexandros Diomidis, Greek banker and politician, 145th Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1875)
1950. November 12 (Category: Births), Barbara Fairchild, American singer-songwriter
1950. November 12 (Category: Deaths), Lesley Ashburner, American hurdler (b. 1883)
1950. November 13 (Category: Births), Gilbert Perreault, Canadian ice hockey player
1950. November 13 (Category: Births), Mary Lou Metzger, American singer and dancer
1950. November 13 (Category: Events), General Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, President of Venezuela, is assassinated in Caracas.
1950. November 14 (Category: Deaths), Orhan Veli Kanık, Turkish poet (b. 1914)
1950. November 15 (Category: Births), Egon Vaupel, German politician, Mayor of Marburg
1950. November 16 (Category: Births), David Leisure, American actor
1950. November 16 (Category: Births), John Swartzwelder, American screenwriter and author
1950. November 16 (Category: Deaths), Bob Smith, American physician and surgeon, co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous (b. 1879)
1950. November 17 (Category: Births), Tom Walkinshaw, Scottish race car driver (d. 2010)
1950. November 17 (Category: Events), Lhamo Dondrub is officially named the 14th Dalai Lama.
1950. November 18 (Category: Births), Dennis Haskins, American actor
1950. November 18 (Category: Births), Eric Pierpoint, American actor
1950. November 18 (Category: Births), Graham Parker, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Rumour)
1950. November 18 (Category: Births), Rudy Sarzo, Cuban-American bass player (Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio, Blue Öyster Cult, Manic Eden, and Queensrÿche)
1950. November 19 (Category: Births), Peter Biyiasas, Greek-Canadian chess player
1950. November 19 (Category: Events), US General Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes Supreme Commander of NATO-Europe
1950. November 20 (Category: Deaths), Francesco Cilea, Italian composer (b. 1866)
1950. November 21 (Category: Births), Stephen Geyer, American composer
1950. November 21 (Category: Events), Two Canadian National Railway trains collide in northeastern British Columbia in the Canoe River train crash; the death toll is 21, with 17 of them Canadian troops bound for Korea.
1950. November 22 (Category: Births), Art Sullivan, Belgian singer
1950. November 22 (Category: Births), Jim Jefferies, Scottish footballer and manager
1950. November 22 (Category: Births), Lyman Bostock, American baseball player (d. 1978)
1950. November 22 (Category: Births), Steven Van Zandt, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor (E Street Band, Steel Mill, and Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes)
1950. November 22 (Category: Births), Tina Weymouth, American singer-songwriter and bass player (Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club)
1950. November 23 (Category: Births), Chuck Schumer, American politician
1950. November 23 (Category: Births), Maik Galakos, Greek footballer
1950. November 24 (Category: Births), Roscoe Born, American actor
1950. November 24 (Category: Births), Stanley Livingston, American actor
1950. November 24 (Category: Events), The "Storm of the Century", a violent snowstorm, takes shape on this date before paralyzing the northeastern United States and the Appalachians the next day, bringing winds up to 100 mph and sub-zero temperatures.
1950. November 25 (Category: Births), Alexis Wright, Australian author
1950. November 25 (Category: Deaths), Gustaf John Ramstedt, Finnish linguist and diplomat (b. 1873)
1950. November 25 (Category: Deaths), Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, Danish author, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1873)
1950. November 25 (Category: Events), The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950, otherwise known at the time as the "Storm of the Century", strikes New England with hurricane force winds resulting in massive forest blow-downs and storm surge damage along the Northeast coast including New York City.
1950. November 26 (Category: Events), Korean War: Troops from the People's Republic of China launch a massive counterattack in North Korea against South Korean and United Nations forces (Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River and Battle of Chosin Reservoir), ending any hopes of a quick end to the conflict.
1950. November 27 (Category: Births), Gran Hamada, Japanese wrestler
1950. November 28 (Category: Births), Ed Harris, American actor
1950. November 28 (Category: Births), Russell Alan Hulse, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1950. November 29 (Category: Births), Kevin O'Donnell, Jr., American author (d. 2012)
1950. November 29 (Category: Events), Korean War: North Korean and Chinese troops force United Nations forces to retreat from North Korea.
1950. November 30 (Category: Births), Chris Claremont, English-American author

Calendar November 1950.

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