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February 1945.

Since February 1945 passed approximately Nine Hundred and Twenty months (920.4). This February started with Thursday (05. week) and ended with Wednesday (09. week). This February had 28 days and 4 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for February 1945.

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Events occurred in February 1945

We found 86 events occured in February month in 1945.
1945. February 1 (Category: Births), Serge Joyal, Canadian politician
1945. February 1 (Category: Deaths), Prince Kiril of Bulgaria (b. 1895)
1945. February 2 (Category: Deaths), Alfred Delp, German Jesuit priest, member of the German resistance (b. 1907)
1945. February 2 (Category: Deaths), Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, German politician, member of the German resistance (b. 1884)
1945. February 2 (Category: Deaths), Johannes Popitz, Prussian finance minister, member of the German resistance (b. 1884)
1945. February 3 (Category: Births), Bob Griese, American football player
1945. February 3 (Category: Births), Johnny Cymbal, American singer and songwriter (d. 1993)
1945. February 3 (Category: Deaths), Roland Freisler, Nazi leader (b. 1893)
1945. February 3 (Category: Events), World War II: As part of Operation Thunderclap, 1,000 B-17s of the Eighth Air Force bomb Berlin, a raid which kills between 2,500 to 3,000 and dehouses another 120,000.
1945. February 3 (Category: Events), World War II: The United States and the Philippine Commonwealth begin a month-long battle to retake Manila from Japan.
1945. February 4 (Category: Events), World War II: The British Indian Army and Imperial Japanese Army begin a series of battles known as the Battle of Pokoku and Irrawaddy River operations.
1945. February 4 (Category: Events), World War II: The Yalta Conference between the "Big Three" (Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin) opens at the Livadia Palace in the Crimea.
1945. February 5 (Category: Events), World War II: General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila.
1945. February 6 (Category: Births), Bob Marley, Jamaican musician (d. 1981)
1945. February 7 (Category: Births), Gerald Davies, Welsh rugby player
1945. February 7 (Category: Births), Ian Jack, Scottish journalist
1945. February 8 (Category: Deaths), Italo Santelli, Italian fencer (b. 1866)
1945. February 8 (Category: Events), World War II: The United Kingdom and Canada commence Operation Veritable to occupy the west bank of the Rhine.
1945. February 9 (Category: Births), Gérard Lenorman, French singer
1945. February 9 (Category: Births), Mia Farrow, American actress
1945. February 9 (Category: Events), World War II: A force of Allied aircraft unsuccessfully attacked a German destroyer in Førdefjorden, Norway.
1945. February 9 (Category: Events), World War II: The Battle of the Atlantic – HMS Venturer sinks U-864 off the coast of Fedje, Norway, in a rare instance of submarine-to-submarine combat.
1945. February 10 (Category: Deaths), Anacleto Diaz, Filipino jurist (b. 1878)
1945. February 11 (Category: Births), Burhan Ghalioun, Syrian politician
1945. February 11 (Category: Deaths), Al Dubin, Swiss songwriter (b. 1891)
1945. February 12 (Category: Births), David D. Friedman, American economist
1945. February 12 (Category: Births), Maud Adams, Swedish actress
1945. February 12 (Category: Deaths), Antonio Villa-Real, Filipino jurist (b. 1880)
1945. February 12 (Category: Deaths), Walraven van Hall, a Dutch banker and resistance leader during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II (b. 1906)
1945. February 13 (Category: Births), David Tremlett, English artist
1945. February 13 (Category: Births), King Floyd, American musician (d. 2006)
1945. February 13 (Category: Births), Simon Schama, British historian
1945. February 13 (Category: Births), William Sleator, American science fiction author
1945. February 13 (Category: Events), World War II: Royal Air Force bombers are dispatched to Dresden, Germany to attack the city with a massive aerial bombardment.
1945. February 13 (Category: Events), World War II: The siege of Budapest concludes with the unconditional surrender of German and Hungarian forces to the Red Army.
1945. February 14 (Category: Births), Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein
1945. February 14 (Category: Births), Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, Uruguayan footballer (d. 2013)
1945. February 14 (Category: Events), President Franklin D. Roosevelt meets with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia aboard the USS Quincy, officially starting the U.S.-Saudi diplomatic relationship.
1945. February 14 (Category: Events), World War II: Mostar is liberated by Yugoslav partisans.
1945. February 14 (Category: Events), World War II: Navigational error leads to the mistaken bombing of Prague, Czechoslovakia by an American squadron of B-17s assisting in the Soviet's Vistula–Oder Offensive.
1945. February 14 (Category: Events), World War II: On the first day of the bombing of Dresden, the British Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces begin fire-bombing Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony.
1945. February 15 (Category: Births), Douglas Hofstadter, American academic and writer
1945. February 15 (Category: Births), John Helliwell, English musician (Supertramp)
1945. February 16 (Category: Births), Jeremy Bulloch, English actor
1945. February 16 (Category: Events), World War II: American forces land on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.
1945. February 17 (Category: Births), Brenda Fricker, Irish actress
1945. February 17 (Category: Births), Zina Bethune, American actress and dancer (d. 2012)
1945. February 18 (Category: Births), Judy Rankin, American golfer
1945. February 18 (Category: Deaths), Ivan Chernyakhovsky, Russian general (b. 1906)
1945. February 19 (Category: Births), Jürgen Rumor, German footballer
1945. February 19 (Category: Births), Michael Nader, American actor
1945. February 19 (Category: Births), Yuri Antonov, Soviet-Russian musician
1945. February 19 (Category: Births), Zlatko Sirotić, Croatian painter
1945. February 19 (Category: Deaths), Fay Moulton, American sprinter, football player, coach and lawyer (b. 1876)
1945. February 19 (Category: Events), World War II: Battle of Iwo Jima – about 30,000 United States Marines land on the island of Iwo Jima.
1945. February 20 (Category: Births), Alan Hull, English singer-songwriter (Lindisfarne) (d. 1995)
1945. February 20 (Category: Births), Andrew Bergman, American screenwriter and film director
1945. February 20 (Category: Births), Annu Kapoor, Indian actor
1945. February 20 (Category: Births), Brion James, American actor (d. 1999)
1945. February 21 (Category: Births), D'Anna Fortunato, American mezzo-soprano
1945. February 21 (Category: Births), Paul Newton, British musician (Uriah Heep)
1945. February 21 (Category: Births), Walter Momper, German politician
1945. February 21 (Category: Deaths), Eric Liddell, Scottish runner (b. 1902)
1945. February 21 (Category: Events), World War II: Japanese Kamikaze planes sink the escort carrier Bismarck Sea and damage the Saratoga.
1945. February 22 (Category: Births), Leslie Charleson, American actress
1945. February 22 (Category: Births), Oliver, American singer (d. 2000)
1945. February 22 (Category: Deaths), Osip Brik, Russian writer (b. 1888)
1945. February 23 (Category: Births), Allan Boesak, South African activist
1945. February 23 (Category: Events), World War II: Capitulation of German garrison in Poznań. The city is liberated by Soviet and Polish forces.
1945. February 23 (Category: Events), World War II: During the Battle of Iwo Jima, a group of United States Marines and a commonly forgotten U.S. Navy Corpsman, reach the top of Mount Suribachi on the island and are photographed raising the American flag.
1945. February 23 (Category: Events), World War II: The 11th Airborne Division, with Filipino guerrillas, free the captives of the Los Baños internment camp.
1945. February 23 (Category: Events), World War II: The German town of Pforzheim is completely destroyed in a raid by 379 British bombers.
1945. February 23 (Category: Events), World War II: The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is liberated by combined Filipino and American forces.
1945. February 24 (Category: Births), Barry Bostwick, American actor
1945. February 24 (Category: Events), Egyptian Premier Ahmed Maher Pasha is killed in Parliament after reading a decree.
1945. February 25 (Category: Births), Elkie Brooks, English singer (Vinegar Joe)
1945. February 25 (Category: Births), Herbert Léonard, French singer
1945. February 25 (Category: Deaths), Mário de Andrade, Brazilian writer and photographer (b. 1893)
1945. February 25 (Category: Events), World War II: Turkey declares war on Germany.
1945. February 26 (Category: Births), Giannis Ioannidis, Greek basketball coach and politician
1945. February 26 (Category: Births), Marta Kristen, Norwegian actress
1945. February 26 (Category: Births), Mitch Ryder, American musician (The Detroit Wheels)
1945. February 26 (Category: Births), Peter Brock, Australian motorsports champion (d. 2006)
1945. February 27 (Category: Births), Carl Anderson, American singer and actor (d. 2004)
1945. February 28 (Category: Births), Bubba Smith, American football player and actor (d. 2011)
1945. February 28 (Category: Births), Mimsy Farmer, American actress

Calendar February 1945.

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