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May 1961.

Since May 1961 passed approximately Seven Hundred and Twenty-Five months (724.7). This May started with Monday (18. week) and ended with Wednesday (22. week). This May had 31 days and 4 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for May 1961.

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Events occurred in May 1961

We found 84 events occured in May month in 1961.
1961. May 1 (Category: Births), Clint Malarchuk, Canadian ice hockey player
1961. May 1 (Category: Births), Marilyn Milian, American judge
1961. May 1 (Category: Events), The Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, proclaims Cuba a socialist nation and abolishes elections.
1961. May 2 (Category: Births), Phil Vickery, English chef
1961. May 2 (Category: Births), Sophie Thibault, Canadian journalist and reporter
1961. May 2 (Category: Births), Steve James, English snooker player
1961. May 3 (Category: Births), David Vitter, American politician
1961. May 3 (Category: Births), Joe Murray, American cartoonist
1961. May 3 (Category: Births), Leyla Zana, Kurdish politician
1961. May 3 (Category: Births), Steve McClaren, English football manager
1961. May 4 (Category: Births), Jay Aston, English singer-songwriter and dancer (Bucks Fizz)
1961. May 4 (Category: Births), Luis Herrera, Colombian cyclist
1961. May 4 (Category: Deaths), Anita Stewart, American actress (b. 1895)
1961. May 4 (Category: Events), American civil rights movement: The "Freedom Riders" begin a bus trip through the South.
1961. May 5 (Category: Births), Hiroshi Hase, Japanese wrestler and politician
1961. May 5 (Category: Events), The Mercury program: Mercury-Redstone 3 – Alan Shepard becomes the first American to travel into outer space, on a sub-orbital flight.
1961. May 6 (Category: Births), George Clooney, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1961. May 6 (Category: Births), Gina Riley, Australian actress, writer, singer and comedian
1961. May 6 (Category: Deaths), Lucian Blaga, Romanian poet, playwright, and philosopher (b. 1895)
1961. May 7 (Category: Births), Hans-Peter Bartels, German politician
1961. May 7 (Category: Births), Phil Campbell, English guitarist and songwriter (Motörhead and Persian Risk)
1961. May 8 (Category: Births), Akira Taue, Japanese wrestler
1961. May 8 (Category: Births), David Winning, Canadian director
1961. May 8 (Category: Births), Janet McTeer, English actress
1961. May 9 (Category: Births), Sean Altman, American singer-songwriter and musician (Rockapella)
1961. May 9 (Category: Events), Jim Gentile of the Baltimore Orioles becomes the first player in baseball history to hit grand slams in consecutive innings.
1961. May 10 (Category: Births), Candi Kubeck, American pilot of Valujet Flight 592 (d. 1996)
1961. May 10 (Category: Births), Danny Carey, American drummer and songwriter (Tool, Pigmy Love Circus, Volto!, Green Jellÿ, and Zaum)
1961. May 10 (Category: Births), Johanna ter Steege, Dutch actress
1961. May 10 (Category: Births), Randy Cunneyworth, Canadian ice hockey coach
1961. May 11 (Category: Births), Luis Felipe, Cuban gangster, founder of the Latin Kings
1961. May 12 (Category: Births), Billy Duffy, English guitarist and songwriter (The Cult, Theatre of Hate, and The Nosebleeds)
1961. May 12 (Category: Births), Bruce McCulloch, Canadian actor
1961. May 12 (Category: Births), Lar Park Lincoln, American actress
1961. May 12 (Category: Births), Paul Begala, American political commentator
1961. May 12 (Category: Births), Thomas Dooley, German-American soccer player
1961. May 13 (Category: Births), Dennis Rodman, American basketball player and actor
1961. May 13 (Category: Deaths), Gary Cooper, American actor (b. 1901)
1961. May 14 (Category: Births), Alain Vigneault, Canadian ice hockey coach
1961. May 14 (Category: Births), David Quantick, English writer
1961. May 14 (Category: Births), Jean Leloup, French-Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and author
1961. May 14 (Category: Births), Tim Roth, English actor and director
1961. May 14 (Category: Births), Ulrike Folkerts, German actress
1961. May 14 (Category: Events), American civil rights movement: The Freedom Riders bus is fire-bombed near Anniston, Alabama, and the civil rights protesters are beaten by an angry mob.
1961. May 15 (Category: Births), Katrin Cartlidge, English actress (d. 2002)
1961. May 15 (Category: Births), Melle Mel, American rapper and songwriter (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)
1961. May 16 (Category: Births), Charles Wright, American wrestler
1961. May 16 (Category: Births), Kevin McDonald, Canadian comedian and actor
1961. May 16 (Category: Deaths), George A. Malcolm, American jurist and educator (b. 1881)
1961. May 16 (Category: Events), Park Chung-hee leads a coup d'état to overthrow the Second Republic of South Korea.
1961. May 17 (Category: Births), Enya, Irish singer-songwriter and producer (Clannad)
1961. May 18 (Category: Births), Jim Bowden, American sportscaster
1961. May 19 (Category: Births), Gregory Poirier, American screenwriter and director
1961. May 19 (Category: Births), Wayne Van Dorp, Dutch-Canadian ice hockey player
1961. May 19 (Category: Events), 11 Bengali martyrs gave up their life in a police firing in Silchar Railway Station, Assam, while demanding state recognition of Bengali language in the Bengali Language Movement.
1961. May 19 (Category: Events), Venera program: Venera 1 becomes the first man-made object to fly-by another planet by passing Venus (the probe had lost contact with Earth a month earlier and did not send back any data).
1961. May 20 (Category: Births), Clive Allen, English footballer
1961. May 20 (Category: Deaths), Josef Priller, German nazi military aviator (b. 1915)
1961. May 21 (Category: Events), American civil rights movement: Alabama Governor John Malcolm Patterson declares martial law in an attempt to restore order after race riots break out.
1961. May 22 (Category: Births), Ann Cusack, American actress
1961. May 22 (Category: Births), Mike Breen, American sportscaster
1961. May 22 (Category: Events), An Earthquake rocks New South Wales.
1961. May 23 (Category: Births), Karen Duffy, American actress
1961. May 24 (Category: Births), Alain Lemieux, Canadian ice hockey player
1961. May 24 (Category: Events), American civil rights movement: Freedom Riders are arrested in Jackson, Mississippi for "disturbing the peace" after disembarking from their bus.
1961. May 24 (Category: Events), Cyprus joins the Council of Europe.
1961. May 25 (Category: Events), Apollo program: U.S. President John F. Kennedy announces before a special joint session of the Congress his goal to initiate a project to put a "man on the Moon" before the end of the decade.
1961. May 26 (Category: Births), Tarsem Singh, Indian director
1961. May 27 (Category: Births), José Luíz Barbosa, Brazilian runner
1961. May 27 (Category: Births), Peri Gilpin, American actress
1961. May 28 (Category: Births), Michelle Collins, English actress
1961. May 28 (Category: Events), Peter Benenson's article The Forgotten Prisoners is published in several internationally read newspapers. This will later be thought of as the founding of the human rights organization Amnesty International.
1961. May 29 (Category: Births), Melissa Etheridge, American singer-songwriter, musician, and activist
1961. May 30 (Category: Births), Bob Yari, Iranian-American film producer
1961. May 30 (Category: Births), Harry Enfield, English comedian, actor, writer, and director
1961. May 30 (Category: Births), Ralph Carter, American actor
1961. May 30 (Category: Deaths), Rafael Trujillo, Dominican politician, 36th President of the Dominican Republic (b. 1891)
1961. May 30 (Category: Events), Long time Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo is assassinated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
1961. May 31 (Category: Births), Justin Madden, Australian footballer and politician
1961. May 31 (Category: Births), Lea Thompson, American actress
1961. May 31 (Category: Births), Ray Cote, Canadian ice hockey player
1961. May 31 (Category: Deaths), Walter Little, Canadian politician (b. 1877)
1961. May 31 (Category: Events), In Moscow City Court, the Rokotov–Faibishenko show trial begins, despite the Khrushchev Thaw to reverse Stalinist elements in Soviet society.
1961. May 31 (Category: Events), The Union of South Africa becomes the Republic of South Africa.

Calendar May 1961.

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