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June 1963.

Since June 1963 passed approximately Six Hundred and Ninety-Six months (695.5). This June started with Saturday (22. week) and ended with Sunday (26. week). This June had 30 days and 5 Sundays. On bottom of the page you can find calendar for June 1963.

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Events occurred in June 1963

We found 93 events occured in June month in 1963.
1963. June 1 (Category: Births), Mike Joyce, English drummer (The Smiths and Buzzcocks)
1963. June 1 (Category: Events), Kenya gains internal self-rule (Madaraka Day).
1963. June 2 (Category: Births), Anand Abhyankar, Indian actor (d. 2012)
1963. June 3 (Category: Births), Rudy Demotte, Belgian politician
1963. June 3 (Category: Births), Toshiaki Karasawa, Japanese actor
1963. June 3 (Category: Deaths), Nâzım Hikmet, Turkish poet (b. 1902)
1963. June 3 (Category: Deaths), Pope John XXIII (b. 1881)
1963. June 3 (Category: Events), The Buddhist crisis: Soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam attack protesting Buddhists in Huế, South Vietnam, with liquid chemicals from tear gas grenades, causing 67 people to be hospitalised for blistering of the skin and respiratory ailments.
1963. June 4 (Category: Births), Xavier McDaniel, American basketball player
1963. June 5 (Category: Births), Joe Rudán, Hungarian singer and bassist (Pokolgép and P. Mobil)
1963. June 5 (Category: Events), British Secretary of State for War John Profumo resigns in a sex scandal known as the Profumo Affair.
1963. June 5 (Category: Events), Movement of 15 Khordad: Protest against arrest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini by Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In several cities, masses of angry demonstrators are confronted by tanks and paratroopers.
1963. June 6 (Category: Births), Eric Cantor, American politician
1963. June 6 (Category: Births), Jason Isaacs, English actor
1963. June 6 (Category: Births), Wolfgang Drechsler, German scientist
1963. June 7 (Category: Births), Roberto Alagna, French-Italian tenor
1963. June 7 (Category: Deaths), ZaSu Pitts, American actress (b. 1894)
1963. June 8 (Category: Births), Frank Grillo, American actor
1963. June 8 (Category: Births), Katy Garbi, Greek singer, actress, and producer
1963. June 9 (Category: Births), David Koepp, American screenwriter and director
1963. June 9 (Category: Births), Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-English saxophonist, novelist, and activist (The Blockheads)
1963. June 9 (Category: Births), Johnny Depp, American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and musician
1963. June 10 (Category: Births), Brad Henry, American politician
1963. June 10 (Category: Births), Jeanne Tripplehorn, American actress
1963. June 10 (Category: Deaths), Timothy Birdsall, English cartoonist (b. 1936)
1963. June 11 (Category: Births), Bruce Kimball, American diver and coach
1963. June 11 (Category: Births), Sandra Schmirler, Canadian curler (d. 2000)
1963. June 11 (Category: Deaths), Thich Quang Duc, Vietnamese monk (b. 1897)
1963. June 11 (Category: Events), American Civil Rights Movement: Alabama Governor George Wallace stands at the door of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama in an attempt to block two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, from attending that school.
1963. June 11 (Category: Events), Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns himself with gasoline in a busy Saigon intersection to protest the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam.
1963. June 11 (Category: Events), John F. Kennedy addresses Americans from the Oval Office proposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that would revolutionise American society. Proposing equal access to public facilities, end segragation in education and guarantee federal protection for voting rights.
1963. June 12 (Category: Births), Jerry Lynn, American wrestler
1963. June 12 (Category: Births), Johnny Weiss, American wrestler
1963. June 12 (Category: Births), Philippe Bugalski, French rally driver (d. 2012)
1963. June 12 (Category: Births), Tim DeKay, American actor
1963. June 12 (Category: Births), Warwick Capper, Australian footballer
1963. June 12 (Category: Deaths), Medgar Evers, American civil rights activist (b. 1925)
1963. June 12 (Category: Events), Civil rights leader Medgar Evers is murdered in front of his home in Jackson, Mississippi by Ku Klux Klan member Byron De La Beckwith.
1963. June 13 (Category: Births), Bettina Bunge, German tennis player
1963. June 13 (Category: Births), Catarina Lindqvist, Swedish tennis player
1963. June 13 (Category: Births), Paul De Lisle, American singer-songwriter and bassist (Smash Mouth)
1963. June 15 (Category: Births), Blanca Portillo, Spanish actress
1963. June 15 (Category: Births), Helen Hunt, American actress
1963. June 15 (Category: Births), Mario Gosselin, Canadian ice hockey player
1963. June 15 (Category: Births), Nigel Walker, Welsh rugby player
1963. June 16 (Category: Births), Scott Alexander, American screenwriter
1963. June 16 (Category: Births), The Sandman, American wrestler
1963. June 16 (Category: Events), Soviet Space Program: Vostok 6 Mission – Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space.
1963. June 17 (Category: Births), Greg Kinnear, American actor
1963. June 17 (Category: Deaths), Aleksander Kesküla, Estonian politician (b. 1882)
1963. June 17 (Category: Events), A day after South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem announced the Joint Communique to end the Buddhist crisis, a riot involving around 2,000 people breaks out. One person is killed.
1963. June 17 (Category: Events), The United States Supreme Court rules 8 to 1 in Abington School District v. Schempp against allowing the reciting of Bible verses and the Lord's Prayer in public schools.
1963. June 18 (Category: Births), Bruce Smith, American football player
1963. June 18 (Category: Births), Dizzy Reed, American musician, composer, and actor (Guns N' Roses and Johnny Crash)
1963. June 18 (Category: Deaths), Pedro Armendáriz, Mexican actor (b. 1912)
1963. June 19 (Category: Births), Rory Underwood, English rugby player
1963. June 20 (Category: Births), Amir Derakh, American musician (Orgy, Rough Cutt, Julien-K, and Dead by Sunrise)
1963. June 20 (Category: Births), Don West, American sportscaster
1963. June 20 (Category: Deaths), Raphaël Salem, Greek mathematician (b. 1898)
1963. June 20 (Category: Events), The so-called "red telephone" is established between the Soviet Union and the United States following the Cuban Missile Crisis.
1963. June 21 (Category: Births), Dario Marianelli, Italian composer
1963. June 21 (Category: Births), Luc(as) de Groot, Dutch type designer
1963. June 21 (Category: Events), Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini is elected as Pope Paul VI.
1963. June 22 (Category: Births), Hokutoumi Nobuyoshi, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 61st Yokozuna
1963. June 22 (Category: Births), John Tenta, Canadian wrestler (d. 2006)
1963. June 22 (Category: Births), Randy Couture, American mixed martial artist
1963. June 22 (Category: Deaths), Maria Tănase, Romanian singer and actress (b. 1913)
1963. June 23 (Category: Births), Colin Montgomerie, Scottish golfer
1963. June 24 (Category: Births), Mike Wieringo, American illustrator (d. 2007)
1963. June 24 (Category: Births), Preki, Serbian-American soccer player and coach
1963. June 24 (Category: Events), The United Kingdom grants Zanzibar internal self-government.
1963. June 25 (Category: Births), Doug Gilmour, Canadian ice hockey player
1963. June 25 (Category: Births), George Michael, English singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor (Wham!)
1963. June 25 (Category: Births), Jackie Swanson, American actress
1963. June 25 (Category: Births), John Benjamin Hickey, American actor
1963. June 25 (Category: Births), Yann Martel, Spanish-Canadian novelist
1963. June 26 (Category: Births), Harriet Wheeler, English singer (The Sundays)
1963. June 26 (Category: Births), Mark McClellan, American politician
1963. June 26 (Category: Births), Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russian businessman
1963. June 26 (Category: Births), Richard Garfield, American game designer, created Magic: The Gathering
1963. June 26 (Category: Events), U.S. President John F. Kennedy gave his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech, underlining the support of the United States for democratic West Germany shortly after Soviet-supported East Germany erected the Berlin Wall.
1963. June 27 (Category: Births), Igor Kusin, Croatian linguist and author
1963. June 27 (Category: Births), Jay Karnes, American actor
1963. June 27 (Category: Births), Johnny Benson, American race car driver
1963. June 27 (Category: Births), Paul Roos, Australian footballer
1963. June 28 (Category: Births), Charlie Clouser, American musician, composer, and producer (Nine Inch Nails)
1963. June 28 (Category: Births), Peter Baynham, Welsh comedian and writer
1963. June 28 (Category: Births), Tierney Sutton, American singer
1963. June 28 (Category: Births), Wisit Sasanatieng, Thai director
1963. June 29 (Category: Births), Anne-Sophie Mutter, German violinist
1963. June 29 (Category: Births), Khalid El-Masri, German suspected terrorist
1963. June 30 (Category: Births), Yngwie Malmsteen, Swedish singer-songwriter, musician, and producer (Steeler and Alcatrazz)
1963. June 30 (Category: Events), Ciaculli massacre: a car bomb, intended for Mafia boss Salvatore Greco, kills seven police officers and military personnel near Palermo.

Calendar June 1963.

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